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Our Mission

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The Center for Art Law is a Brooklyn-based nonprofit that offers educational resources and programming for the advancement of a vibrant arts and law community.

Created in 2009 as an online resource, the Center evolved into a reputable and respected organization that provides learning opportunities to a worldwide community. Today, the Center is the only independent art law entity in the United States dedicated to writing, gathering, and sharing law and visual arts information for the benefit of artists, students, lawyers, academics, and many more.

What we do

From its offices in DUMBO, Brooklyn, the Center offers research and education in the field of art law.

Website: our main outreach is through our website where we publish articles, provide insights, and aggregate art law resources, including law firms, educational courses, books, films, artists’ assistance, and bar associations. Our Case Law Corner provides summaries of recent and ongoing art law litigation. Since 2009, we have published over 1,000 articles and dozens of resource pages that have become a repository of information. Become a Member for full access to our resources.

Newsletter: our monthly online newsletter, the Art Law Blast, is an engaging rundown of upcoming events, legal cases, recent news, publications, exhibitions, and more. Subscribe now or read the archives.

Events: the Center organizes virtual and in-person conferences, lectures, workshops, screenings, and studio tours. We work closely with law schools, student societies, law firms, arts organizations, and bar associations to plan events and to offer networking opportunities. Our biennial Art & Law Auctions also provide exposure to artists in our community. Check our calendar for upcoming events.


Throughout the year, we work closely with major New York law schools, bar associations, law firms, galleries, and other nonprofits, and we participate in discussions about proposed legislation, such as the merits of instituting a federal resale royalty right in the United States and diversity in arts-related organizations.

How to get involved

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We welcome new participants and feedback as to how we can continue improving our offerings.

Irina Tarsis, Esq.
Founding Director
Center for Art Law

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The Center for Art Law is a New York State non-profit fully qualified under provision 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Center does not provide legal representation. Information available on this website is purely for education purposes and should not be construed as legal advice.