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Orion Analytical, LLC: “Established in 2000 as a micro-niche materials analysis and consulting firm, Orion investigates art, cultural property, and collectibles spanning more than 4,000 years – from ancient Egyptian artifacts to paintings and sculpture, architectural finishes, Bordeaux wines, and more.” “Worldwide, Orion conducts on-site examination, multispectral imaging, noninvasive elemental analyses, and sample collection.”

RECENART: “RECENART®, the European art research centre in Finland, offers unique on-site, as well as portable, analytical services for the art world. Built on the infrastructure of the University of Jyväskylä, RECENART® has its foundation in the synergy of experienced art historians and innovative scientists. We provide concrete and unbiased research results about works of art and are developing a unique nano-tagging solution to secure your collection.”

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